The Miniature Professional Football System Philosophy
by Decal Master
February 5, 2007

Miniature Professional Football (MPF) is based on several key points which combine to form the philosophy of the system. The system of MPF is designed to create an environment in which the player / coach has all of the tools necessary to properly simulate a complete football game experience.

EF and MPF Are Different Games.

  • The first key point of the MPF philosophy is that it is actually a different game from what is commonly known as “Electric Football.” Consider this: Poker, Blackjack, and Spades are examples of table-top games, and are similar in that each is played with an identical deck of 52 cards. The similarities end there as the play methods, and objectives of each game is different. A person with an advanced understanding of Poker may fare average in the game of Spades. A scale sized game board is needed to properly enjoy the MPF system.MPF is thus able to separate itself from the game of EF.

MPF is a Football Simulation First
and a Board Game Second.

  • Another key philosophy of MPF is that it is an effort to
    perform an exact simulation of the football experience
    (using miniature figures). The hobby known as EF has
    been remolded into the shape of football. The basic
    conviction that it IS possible to simulate football with
    miniature figures is contrary to the traditional methods
    of playing EF.

The MPF System is a Teaching Tool.

  • The design of the MPF system is guaranteed to raise the “football I.Q.” of the coach. With the exception of experiencing the game first-hand as a player, MPF is the best tool available to teach the game of football from a strategy point of view. MPF can be educational for both children and adults alike by reinforcing football fundamentals and allowing players to learn the different position responsibilities of the 22 – players in a hands-on way that video games and televised games cannot.

MPF is Survival of the Fittest

  • The MPF experience is designed to reward players (coaches) who demonstrate the highest level of dedication to preparation.
  • MPF is designed to reward individuals with an advanced understanding of football “Xs and Os.” MPF is designed to reward coaches who are able to perform well under the pressure of the clock.
  • MPF is designed to create situations of intense pressure for the coach to overcome. MPF coaches are required to understand the roles and responsibilities of each individual player on his offense and defense on every play.
  • MPF coaches, through practice and observation, are required to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the players on his team and to design a game plan that make the most use of his strong points and to conceal weaknesses from the opponent.
  • The MPF system is intended to offer intelligent coaches the opportunity to compete in a chess-like environment.

MPF is Based on the Understanding That Miniature Football
Must Use Timed Stoppages

  • The main feature that separates MPF from EF is the use of timed board stoppages and mid-play adjustments. The basic idea of football is that it is a reaction sport. Players are forced to play their position and yet have the ability to act and react to different scenarios as they are presented during the game.
  • Traditional EF was based on a one-stop method in which players are forced to “pitch, or pass” early in the play. Players on the game board are locked in a fixed position and have limited ability to change direction.
  • The hobby of MPF cannot be enjoyed at the “chess” level without timed stoppages and player adjustments.
  • Miniature football figures run in one of three possible ways
  1. arch
  2. straight line
  3. backwards
  • Without mid-play coaching by way of timed adjustment stoppages, it is impossible to mimic real football action, as figures will eventually run off course and out of position.

MPF Was Derived From Real Football Experience

  • Player, coach, and official are the three levels of football experience. As a former semi-pro football player, coach, and official, game designer Anthony D. Burgess used his first-hand knowledge of football at all three levels of experience to create the MPF system. The MPF system forces the player / coach to understand each in order to be a success.
  • After practicing the system, the coaches who are able to upgrade their performance in all three areas, will always move ahead of players who are less prepared and less experienced.

To Simulate Football with Miniatures, You Must Simulate Pressure

  • A cornerstone of the MPF philosophy is that while strategy, coaching ability, and an official's perspective are important, it is also important that the experience of the player on the field is not ignored. When designing the MPF system, pressure was a key ingredient in the development of the competitive phase of the game.
  • By using the timed stoppage, game clock, and play clock in their true football essence, the game of MPF has the element of pressure built in and coaches must be prepared to deal with that pressure during the game.

MPF is the Future of the Hobby and Remedies the Confusion
That Lead to its Demise

  • Another aspect of the MPF philosophy is that the hobby's popularity pales in comparison with the mass popularity of football. Even in the “Baby Boomer” demographic that comprises the hobby, there is little general knowledge of the new “EF” movement. There is even less understanding of the fact that this game is actually playable beyond the childhood level and that realistic simulation is possible with miniatures.
  • MPF's philosophy is to remedy this misunderstanding by introducing a product that we believe the mass population of football fans will identify with.

Your Team Is Your Creation. Your Team is Your Reflection

  • MPF believes that the team you create is a reflection of your own dedication and thus represents you as the head coach. In traditional EF, the success of the player is more dependent on his ability to use props (i.e., TTC Quarterbacks, and base-tweaking) and less dependent on strategy or football knowledge. MPF is structured so that a coach must fully understand his team, his personal football philosophy, and how to combine the two.
  • Also, a team superior in strength and speed will not compensate for a lack of preparation, and coaching ability, as new coaches will soon understand when playing in the system.
  • There are no short-cuts.

It Takes a Commitment To Be The Best at Anything. So It Is With MPF

  • Many will view our hobby from a far and think “what is this all about?” and “why the serious stance on a simple hobby?” To that the MPF replies: “to have success in this hobby, and to get the full experience, coaches must make a commitment to take the highest level of pride in their team, and be determined to remain focused on practicing to master the craft.” This attitude ensures personal success regardless of the scenario. It is necessary that MPF coaches understand this first and foremost in order to understand the MPF philosophy as a whole.

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